Road rage incident in Colorado further stigmatizes veterans

Screenshot from video below.

A video of an incident between two motorists in the mountains south of Colorado Springs has started to go viral.  The recording, from yesterday, shows a couple sitting in their car after pulling over because of a man who apparently started the road rage incident.

Lyfe Engelhart and boyfriend Brandon Vega claim they were traveling into the mountains for a day of hiking when a man attacked Brandon.

Engelhart claims the man, identified as Chad Huntsinger, tailgated her boyfriend’s vehicle on Old Stage Road and pursued an physical altercation once their vehicles were stopped.

It is not clear if Engelhart or Vega did anything to provoke the incident because the recording starts after the vehicles came to a stop, but Huntsigner accused them of trying to run him off the road when he tried to pass their vehicle.

Lyfe Engelhart and Brandon Vega (Facebook)

“So Brandon Vega and I thought it was the perfect day to go hiking up off of Old Stage road when this asshole started riding Brandon’s ass up the narrow dirt road,” Engelhart wrote. “Then when we parked he proceeded to assault him and say it was our fault.”

When the video begins, Huntsinger approached Vega at his vehicle’s window and said “what the f*^k is wrong with you?”

“Why you riding my ass?,” Vega replied.

“Because you would not get out of my way with your little car.” Huntsinger said. “I don’t care you have the [Subaru] WRX, get the f*&k out of my…,” he said as he punched Vega in his face.

After striking him again, Huntsinger said, “you’re a pu**y, I’m a combat veteran.”

While continuing his assault, he screamed, “I’m a pychco, bitch… why did you try to ram me off the road faggot?”

After the physical altercation concludes, a female in Huntsinger’s vehicle says she is taking him to the VA in what appears to be an attempt to get him to leave.  According to his social media accounts, he served in the Army with the 82nd Airborne but some veterans question his claim of being a combat veteran. 

“He was deployed but never saw any combat…. pretty sure he was chaptered out,” wrote an infantry soldier.

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