Rick Perry comes to Chris Kyle’s defense after report questions his awards

Former Texas governor Rick Perry wearing a shirt that raised money after Chris Kyle's death in 2013. Photo credit: Twitter/Marcus Luttrell

Texas Governor Rick Perry is providing backup to the deceased Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, whose reputation has come under fire after it was reported by The Intercept that he may have embellished his record.

According to an opinion piece written by the Texas Governor and shared by Fox News, Perry defended one of Texas’ native sons, citing a lack of understanding by civilians, poor journalism and a trend to discredit servicemembers that can no longer defend themselves.

“That gap of understanding between the protected and their protectors is typically bridged by mutual respect, but can also be a gutter in which liars and character assassins slither,” Perry said. “The most recent snake to peek its head up from the muck is a writing team for a left-wing publication whose only knowledge of the military was likely acquired while Googling derogatory slogans to scrawl on protest signs.”

Perry defends Kyle’s integrity, citing that the DD-214 is not always free of discrepancies and that -according to Perry- “If there is any inaccuracy in Kyle’s account it’s that he didn’t take ENOUGH credit for his awards.”

Perry went on to blame both the Obama administration as well as the disparity between servicemembers and civilians for the targeting of Navy SEALS like Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell, citing “an American population increasingly disconnected from the men and women who serve in the military.”

Kyle’s book American Sniper has sold more than one-million copies and the movie adaptation became the “highest-grossing war film in American history”.

Governor Perry concluded his statement by asking that the journalistic works in question be redacted and that Naval personnel who were involved in releasing the information be punished.

“I am calling on people of conscience to join me,’ Perry said, ‘in calling for the retraction and deletion of the offending article and reprimand of the Navy personnel who have fed this misperception with their lackadaisical handling of the original information request. Both also owe an apology to Taya, Chris Kyle’s loving widow, and to service members, past and present, for disparaging one of their own.”

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