After retiring from military, vet becomes master to his own volunteer sex slaves

Warning: the content in this video depicts acts of sexual nature 

An Australian Army veteran lives a quiet life at home in New South Wales…With four sex slaves, one of which happens to be his wife.

36-year-old James Davis is the “patriarchal overlord” of his domain, which just so happens to be in the conservative town of Armidale. In his house, he has a “love dungeon” that accommodates his wife and four girlfriends, who have all taken on the task of being his personal -and polyamorous- slaves.

“[People] think I must be some kind of abusive oppressor, a misogynist, manipulator, or even a monster,” Davis said. “But the truth is, I’m just a guy who loves both freedom and commitment, and who was lucky enough to find some incredible women to love, and who love me back.”

Having served 17 years in the Australian Army, Davis wanted to get out of Sydney and go somewhere he could enjoy his lifestyle in a more peaceful setting.

The dungeon is known as the House of Cadifor: Fetish Playroom and Davis is currently running a funding campaign to get a TV show surrounding their lives.

“The women, who to varying degrees are in loving relationships with each other, consent to live by strict protocols including, amongst other things, that they must first ask James’ permission to masturbate or use the bathroom. They refer to him as ‘Sir’, or ‘Master,’” the funding site said of the ladies, who are aged between 19 and 27. “They wear silver collars as symbols of their servitude.”

It is unknown what Davis did in the Army, but he claims he is now a rope performer, fetish photographer, BDSM writer, kink educator, lifestyle dominant and consent advocate, as well as an “unlicensed gynecologist.”

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