Retired Special Forces soldier says the VA is using his retirment to pay for someone else’s kid

A retired Green Beret in Colorado says the VA is garnishing his post-service compensation in order to pay child support- for a child he didn’t father.

57-year-old Gulf War veteran Elmo Jones served in the US Army for over two decades before retiring and now claims that the VA is garnishing $1,300 of his compensation in order to pay for a 5-year-old boy from his previous marriage, one who isn’t his own biological child.

“It comes back the child is not mine. So it’s pretty hard,” Jones said, breaking down.

Jones had previously been married to Ashia Abdul-Amin and originally thought the child was his own flesh and blood. However, a paternity test conducted during the divorce proceedings ruled that the boy’s DNA belonged to that of another man.

Despite the DNA test results, Abdul-Amin persisted and the VA informed Jones -who lives in an extended stay motel- that his wages would be garnished.

He said this is not the way to treat a veteran who dedicated 21 years of his life to the country.

“I called them at least 15 times,” he said, noting he has submitted proof that the child is not his. “They won’t talk to me. It seems like it’s not good enough. What else do I have to do?”

Jones told KDVR that he feels betrayed by the VA, who he says is supposed to be on his side.

“What is in question here is if the child belongs to me or not. And that’s already been determined by a court of law. The child is not mine,” he said.

The VA has informed Jones that he will be reimbursed if VA investigators determine he is not the father. Until then, he has to make due with his current situation.

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