Retired PSYOP sergeant major comes forward as U.S. Army WTF! Moments admin

A retired Sergeant Major and former PSYOP Soldier has outed himself as one of the men behind U.S. Army WTF! Moments, the watchdog outlet that leaks less-than-stellar foul-ups from within the Army.

SGM Kenneth Ramos, who served nearly 30 years for Uncle Sam, identified himself on Monday during a panel at the AUSA conference.

“We’ve been told that we’re oath-breakers or we’re not doing this, it’s against Army values and norms,” Ramos said. “Well we’re still providing assistance to veterans and their families.”

When asked what kind of values USAWTFM upheld, he offered to go from the beginning and went to the end of the Army Values.

“It’s my job as an operations officer -it’s in my statement in the NCO creed that says, specifically- the mission accomplishment and the welfare of my soldiers,” he said. “When I retired, 1.4 million people became my soldiers.”

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