Retired Navy SEAL taunts ISIS with challenge

A retired Navy SEAL and former candidate for Congress has had enough with the Islamic State’s threats against U.S. citizens.

The most recent reports of ISIS releases “kill lists” with the names, photos, home addresses of service members and average citizens has put this SEAL veteran over the edge.

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Larry Wilske, of San Diego, CA, posted a message on Facebook Tuesday, taunting the Islamic terror group to put him on their list.

“ISIS has a list of Americans they want killed…. Dear ISIS, My name is Larry A. Wilske, I live in San Diego CA and I want on your list…. so at least one of your ass wipes decides to come and get some! I’ll be waiting!”

On Sunday, he made a Facebook post that has the potential to incite Islamic extremists to conduct an attack similar to the one carried out on the offices of Charlie Hebo in Paris.  He stated, “I would like to have a National Conference solely to find the best cartoon of the pedophile Mohammed…”

Larry Wilske Facebook Post

Wilske told ABC10 that Americans cannot be bullied.

“I want people to stand on their own two feet and say, ‘I’m an American.  I’m proud and ISIS, you don’t bother us.  Give it your best shot.”

Wilske served thirty years in the military, saying there is only one person who could convince him to recant his ISIS provocation statements, his wife.

“When God wants me, he’ll take me. And if it’s at the hand of one of those treacherous, bullying, scumbags, then so be it,” he said.

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