Retired Navy SEAL goes viral for post about what Biden should have done in Afghanistan

Screenshot from video below

Retired US Navy SEAL officer and motivational speaker Jocko Willink came out with a critical message to the Biden administration, posting a viral video that discussed what he would do if he were president.

Jocko Willink, a retired US Navy officer who served in the SEALs, recently went to his social media followers to give a hypothetical address, detailing how he would have handled the recent SNAFU in Afghanistan if he were President Joe Biden.

“As you know, we were set to leave Afghanistan this month, and as we began the final drawdown, I made some critical errors,” he began. “Namely, I underestimated the strength of the Taliban, and I overestimated the strength and capability of the friendly Afghan forces. This was MY FAULT. And due to my mistake, the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan. There are reports now that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are working alongside them.”

“Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands of Americans on the ground there,” Willink continued. “As well as friends and allies of America on the ground. These people, Americans and our allies, are all stranded. And that is my fault.”

Willink went on to note that he was going to remedy the situation and that any Afghans operating US machinery or harassing US personnel would be killed.

In his “address,” the retired Navy officer went on to state that all US personnel would be evacuated within 48 hours, and that any attempts to hinder operations would be met with the full fury of the US military.

The video, which appears to contrast sharply with the Biden administration’s actions in Afghanistan, has drawn considerable attention and has over 1,128,657 views.

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