Retired Navy CPO shocked to find US soldiers threw American flag in trash

A Montana Navy veteran is outraged after finding a US flag in a dumpster on an Army Reserve base in Billings on Thursday- and he took that outrage to the next step by posting it on social media.

John Shields was driving his sanitation vehicle when he came across a dumpster at the Army Reserve Center in Billings, where he found an American Flag discarded in the bin like common trash.

“I dump the dumpster and looked at my hopper camera and yes in their trash was MY NATIONAL ENSIGN!!!!!” he wrote yesterday afternoon. “I climbed up on my truck apron and pulled the Flag from my truck. Covered in food and other trash it stunk to high hell. I placed in the cab with me to take it and dispose of it properly.”

Shields later reported that he took the flag to VFW Post 1634 and placed it in the box where old flags are left to be retired in proper fashion.

“At least I know the VFW Men’s Auxiliary knows what to do with Old Glory!” he said, sparing no amount of exclamation points. “[It] will take a week to air out my truck from the stinch [sic] but it is worth it for OUR FLAG!!!!!”

Popular Military was unsuccessful when trying to contact a public affairs personnel from the Montana Army Reserve and the Billings Reserve station.

Shields had reportedly served twenty-five years in the US Navy, presumably retiring at his last publicly-documented rank of Chief Petty Officer. Since then, he has travelled all over the United States on a motorcycle and has attended many a rock concert.

Rock on, Chief. Rock on.

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