Retired Master Sergeant caught walking after being on disability for being paralyzed

A retired Army National Guard master sergeant is being sent to prison after he was caught scamming the VA and the US government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mark Cole Jr. lied to VA doctors in 2004 -not too long after the start of the Iraq War- when he told them a training accident left him without the ability to walk. His lies allowed him to defraud the government out of more than $434,000.

However, it all came to an end when federal investigators captured undercover video evidence that showed Cole walking in his driveway and mowing his lawn.   The 54-year-old was convicted this summer of federal health care fraud and making false statements about a health care benefit program, according to KSAT.

The disgraced Army veteran was sentenced to 27 months in prison by a judge in San Antonio, TX on Thursday.  During the the sentencing, two veterans who are actually confined to wheelchairs attended the sentencing to support the goverment for the case against Cole.

“When I saw him bend down to pick up, move trash away, so he could mow his lawn, I can’t even scratch my own nose or blow my own nose,” said retired Air Force Sergeant Lori Henson as she left court.

The judge said prison for Cole was justified despite his attorney pleading for probation. “(You) should have walked in here and apologized.”

Cole showed no remorse for his actions.

“I didn’t ask to be in this chair,” he said. “I didn’t want this to be my life!”  As he exited the courthouse he maintained that he was innocent.

The local news, KSAT, claims Cole could have faced up to 50 years in prison. He must surrender to federal authorities by Dec. 6.

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