Retired Army officer attempting another run for US Congress says veteran shot at capitol “received justice”

Mark Judson for Congress

A retired Army officer who is attempting to run for US Congress again is making some rather inflammatory statements on Twitter- including claiming that January 6 riot victim and fellow veteran Ashli Babbit “received justice” when she was fatally shot by a federal officer.

Mark Judson, a North Carolinian registered with the Democratic Party and retired US Army officer, describes himself on social media as a “scorched earth Dem.”

While the aspiring lawmaker from the predominantly red state did not specify what such a term meant, his statements on social media are certainly incendiary in nature.

Putting the “mean tweets” of Former President Donald Trump to shame, Judson effectively endorsed the shooting of the unarmed protester by a federal police officer as “justice served,” despite his party’s previous year of demanding that law enforcement not act as judge, jury and executioner.

“People keep screaming for ‘Justice For Ashli Babbitt,'” he tweeted on June 15. “Ashli Babbitt received Justice on January 6, 2021.”

The “Scorched Earth Dem” then called for justice in the name of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was initially reported to have been mortally wounded in the January 6 riot, only for a medical examiner to later reveal that the officer died of natural causes.

“Now we need justice for Brian Sicknick,” he added in the tweet.

Elsewhere, Judson claimed that Babbitt -the only known individual killed during the riot- betrayed her oath and that anyone who even wishes to “defend” her shames servicemembers.

“She betrayed her Oath and her country, and tried to burn our 244 year old Democracy to the ground and install a Dictator,” he tweeted on June 15, erroneously referring to the federal constitutional republic as a democracy. “Period. Approx. 1.1 Million Soldiers have died in America’s wars, and when you defend MAGA or Ashli Babbitt- you SPIT in the faces of Every. Single. One!”

Judson’s tweets have also called for journalists to be raided by law enforcement.

“Raid the Offices of Project Veritas and detain everyone for questioning about Seditious Conspiracy,” he tweeted.

Another bizarre tweet, responding to a list of 138 House Republicans who attempted to question the election results, seemed much more threatening and heavy-handed in nature.

While context is unclear, such statements will be left intact for the readers to decide:

It is unknown why “holocaust” was featured, or what Judson meant by the statement.

Possessing CPA, CGMA and MBA credentials, Judson’s fundraising is supported by, a top platform for Democratic political contributions that was fined earlier this year for allegedly funneling $44,000 in illegal contributions.


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