Ret. Lt. Col. Allen West “Stop Iran” speech goes viral

Yesterday, in New York City’s Times Square roughly 10,000 people attended a “Stop Iran Deal Rally” where Former Florida Congressman Allen West delivered a fiery speech that has gone viral on social media.  West asked the crowd of thousands “what message” the United States is sending by negotiating with the “number one state sponsor of terrorism” and a country that is holding “four Americans hostage.”

West continued to say, “If people are upset because of what I’m saying, I really don’t care. Because I had a father that stood at World War II…I gave 22 years of my life to make sure that that great beacon of liberty, freedom and democracy continues to stand. And I have a nephew, I have friends that are still serving on the front lines — and my commitment is to the oath that I took on 31, July, 1982, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

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