Ret. Army Col., Defense official accused of being pleasured by subordinates in parking garage

Another member of the Defense Information Systems Agency has been targeted by a military corruption watchdog site, this time for allegedly having sex with a subordinate in the agency’s parking garage.

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Retired Army Colonel Dave Bennett is being accused of fraternization with his now-wife while assigned to DISA during his active duty years.

Bennet’s wife, Tammy Bennett, was previously a DISA employee at the time of the incident.

“Bennett’s sexual liaison(s) with subordinates under his direction may not technically constitute fraternization if the woman is a civilian,” the author of Military Corruption wrote. “But if he or she was married at the time of their sexual dalliances, that’s adultery and is punishable according to the UCMJ.”

While working at DISA in a military capacity, Colonel Bennett reportedly helped the future Mrs. Bennett climb the ranks at DISA before leaving the organization.

Bennett was reportedly married to someone else at the time of the sexual encounter in the parking garage.

Currently, Tammy Bennett works at the Pentagon for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Training (ASAALT).

The whistleblowers at Military Corruption claim that any advancements on the part of Colonel Bennett immediately benefited Mrs. Bennett.

“Nearly every time Dave Bennett received a new role in DISA, it had a positive effect on the jobs Tammy Bennett received as well,” the page wrote. “DISA leadership moved her to a new position whether or not she qualified for it and blatantly disregarded other more qualified DISA employees for such positions.”

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