Restaurant owner tells disabled vets he kicks service dogs in the mouth

An Indian restaurant owner in Utah refused to serve a group of veterans who came to his restaurant with service dogs, claiming he’d close his establishment and forego making a profit than provide them food.

The owner, who appears to be Sikh, threatened to shut down the Bombay Grill in Ogden if the veterans did not leave.

Despite being explained that the well-behaved and properly-equipped dogs were medical equipment, the owner -who seemed unable or unwilling to understand what the veterans were trying to tell him- demanded they leave, or he would simply shutter the doors for the day.

“No dogs,” he said repeatedly.

Unfortunately, the owner picked a fight with the wrong group of people, as the veterans were part of the Utah chapter of 4 Paws 4 Patriots, a licensed 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides assistance to Veterans with disabilities in acquiring service dogs, as well as the extensive (and often expensive) training required.

Even after the group offered to enlist the aid of law enforcement to explain the Americans with Disabilities Act to him, the owner simply replied that he would shut down the establishment, claiming it was anything but discrimination.

When told that such an offense could lead to the place being closed for longer, the man replied that he could always work somewhere else.

“He’s willing to let his business close down permanently because he doesn’t want to serve people with service dogs,” one veteran said in disbelief.

The veterans explained that they wanted to help his profits by eating there, but the owner was uninterested.

“You can come alone,” the man said. “No dogs.”

He explained to them how he previously kicked a dog in the mouth because he thought it would attack him.

The owner then ejected the veterans from the property, which is located on Washington Boulevard in Ogden.

The full 23-minute video was posted to YouTube last week, and the establishment’s Facebook page has since been deleted. In addition, has temporarily suspended users from leaving reviews, due to a wave of negative feedback.

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