Researchers identify Chinese hackers who have been stealing US military secrets

Cybersecurity researchers released a report in which they claim to have found the hackers responsible for attacks on U.S. military computers.

According to CNN Money, the researchers claim that the hackers use a very simple technique that involves sending innocent-looking “phishing” emails to unsuspecting people. The email infects their computer with malware that finds sensitive information on the computer.

The researchers say that once the sensitive information is found, it is pinged to the Chinese Military.

The report also links a military intelligence unit of the People’s Liberation Army in Kunming, a city in southern China, to a hacker group known as Naikon.

The researchers believe that Naikon is the group responsible for the military hacks.

According to their report, Naikon has been successful in hacking Southeast Asian governments and the military unit has primarily been focused on that region.

The report also ties Ge Xing, a member of the Chinese military, to that unit. Ge is believed to be the operator of a domain called GreenSky27, where a lot of phishing attacks originate.

According to the researchers, they reviewed social media data under the GreenSky27 name, which they believed belonged to Ge. They found that his online activity and that of the domain’s operator were strongly correlated.

This report is not the first to reveal the activities of Chinese hackers.  In 2013, an American security firm linked one of the world’s most prolific group of hackers to the Chinese government. The security firm traced them to a location close to Shanghai, which is the headquarters of Unit 61398, a secret division of China’s military.

In April, a cyberattack compromised a U.S. government network that contained sensitive information on government employees, including fingerprints of 5.6 million government workers.

The United States government said Chinese hackers were responsible for the breach, but the Chinese government denied it had any part in the data breach.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once again denied his government had anything to do with the U.S. government data breach in a speech that he gave this week in Seattle. He also said that China was ready to engage the U.S. in a high-level talk about cybersecurity.

President Obama and President Xi Jinping are expected to address the issue when they meet this week.


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