Real life horror stories of the most abusive military wives

“The sad part about it is that 95% of men who are domestically abused never report it. Either because they don’t want to look like weak men in front of other men or because the law always favors the woman and they could end up the ones in prison when they were the victims to begin with.”

The following are stories from male service members who have been severely abused and mistreated by the women they brought into the military community:

My ex used to hit me, especially when I couldn’t sleep because of my PTSD from invading Iraq. She would catch me reading articles online and dump water on me, scratch me and leave some scars. I’m 6’4 300 pounds so I couldn’t even defend myself.”

“There was a dude on Fort Bragg who was in a divorce. His wife was spiking his food with sleeping pills and then moving his car all over the neighborhood while he was out. She had him in counseling and everything. She was trying to make sure he didn’t get custody of their kids.”

“My drunk second ex wife “heard voices” that told her she needed to slice my throat while I was sleeping. I woke up one night to her on top of me with a 9 inch kitchen knife arguing with the voices that the drinking made her believe were in the bedroom, so there’s that.”

“How about my ex wife setting her house on fire, blaming me for it, and lying to get temporary restraining orders? Guess who got off without her CLEARANCE being suspended?”

“My first experience was my first deployment. My ex wife left my step daughter with the neighbors, told them that her parents were in a car wreck and she needed to go home. I found out through Facebook, called her folks, who had given her money for a FRG trip. She’s nowhere to be found. A few weeks later, an ATM charge shows up near Fort Drum (we were at Fort Riley in KS). She had moved in with some soldier up in New York and straight bailed on her kid. She left the post housing trashed. I had my Command forcing me on early leave to clean and clear housing or be charged with destruction of property.”

“I had a soldier that I moved into the barracks for his safety. His wife came to the barracks and latched onto his balls until the MP’s pried her off.”

“Ex attacked me several times, last time she claimed I attacked her. I lost my house, rank, and career. She was arrested for trying to kill the neighbors with a tomahawk after we split. I found out Jody was living in my house whenever I was in the field.  She emotionally abused my daughter and force-fed our son melatonin to make him sleep after we split. But because she was the female, I couldn’t be the victim of abuse.”

“Had a troop in another platoon come to work with two black eyes and several head wounds. His wife beat him with a frying pan for not folding the laundry properly. In typical Big Green Weenie fashion, they made him move into the barracks .”

“Ex wife blew a bunch of guys, beat me with a hammer when I told her I wanted a divorce (I was arrested, her charges were dropped). She accused me of everything under the sun. Thankfully my chain of command did their best to get evidence which showed I did nothing.”

“My ex wife attacked me. When restraining her was no longer a valid option I defended myself. She lied to police, which put me in prison. Ironically I’m the one who called them. Over the next several years of her drug abuse, anytime I would try to get her clean or take my daughter she would call and have me arrested for things that didn’t happen. She would hit me, shove me, spit on me and degrade me. But because I had already been in trouble, I took the beatings for myself and the kids beatings as well. No one wants to believe a man, let alone one whose 6’2” and 245 lbs. It’s easier to just assume they are the one doing the abuse”

” My unit was out on an FTX. We ended up going on alert & having to rush back to the home base. One of our guys walks into his home & there is a stranger there with his wife. Both are naked. They are on the couch together watching a porno they just made of themselves. The guy walked over, hit the eject button & walked out with the tape. Didn’t say a word. He had everything he needed for a divorce.”

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