Rapper takes seat of Soldier being honored as ‘Hometown Hero’ at NFC championship

Charles Harris, a 16 year veteran of the Army, says rapper Gucci Mane and his fiance mistakenly took his seats for a portion of the NFC championship game. (Facebook/Instagram)

In a day that started out to one of the most exciting days of his life, an Army vet and his mother were shown a new level of disrespect by Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane and his fiancé during the Atlanta Falcons NFC playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

TMZ Sports reports Charles Harris, a 16-year Army vet stationed in Fort Benning, GA – says before kickoff, Mane, and fiancé Keyshia Ka’oir, walked up and told him he and his mom were in their seats.

Harris, who has served as a paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, explains to TMZ in a video how inconsiderate Mane and Ka’oir acted. He said he explained to the celebs he was invited by the Atlanta Falcons to attend the game and was to be honored on the field for his service to the country.

As the Hometown Hero of a Atlanta Falcons home game, they are provided with two tickets to the game, sideline passes and a parking pass.

Charles Harris while deployed in Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne. (Facebook)
Charles Harris while deployed in Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne. (Facebook)

The Falcons usher, who escorted the rapper and his fiancé, immediately sided with Mane and insisted the seats were theirs. That’s when the Falcons usher made Harris and his family move.

“The messed up part about it is like I said. My mom had hip surgery, and I was just trying to help her up, and she (Ka’oir) was just standing there like ‘you need to hurry and get up,’” Harris tells TMZ.

Harris wasn’t going to let the group ruin the day for he and his family. He soldiered on by hunting down a Falcons supervisor.

Harris, originally from Macon, Ga., showed the supervisor his two tickets then they all walked back to the seats and forced Gucci and his fiancé to leave, according to a story on Hot New Hip Hop.

Harris tells the site Mane was pretty relaxed about it all, while Keyshia was hot and disrespectful on the other hand.

“The supervisor told them they had to move and she said, ‘We’re not moving, these are our seats.’ Ka’oir showed the supervisor her tickets and when he told them they had to move, she said, ‘Well then, why the F@$% did he sit us over here?’”

Ultimately, Harris and his mom missed kick off and the first quarter, but he ended up getting honored and said it was a happy day.

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