Rapper claiming to be military veteran shoots himself in face on camera

In an era of media celebrating criminal culture, careless social media exhibitions and the clamoring for gun control laws by way of unsavory people doing unsavory things, one idiot managed to combine all three.

Self-styled artist and gangster rapper wannabe Kasper Knight showed the internet just how desperate for attention he was when he allegedly shot himself in the cheek using live ammunition from an unidentified handgun.

While many speculate whether or not he used a blank round or starter pistol to accomplish his bid for attention, Knight said he used a .22 caliber pistol instead of a 9mm because his friend “said it was armor piercing” and allegedly “swallowed the bullet.” There was no exit wound, and later videos would show a fairly pitiful wound that would have to compete with straight-razor rookies for “best scar.”

To make matters worse, Knight claimed to be prior service, although he did not specify what branch he served in, when or where.

Kasper Knight 3

“We have people asking why when they already know the answer, average joes pretending to be ballistic experts, and civilians attempting to quote law,” he said in a Facebook post.

“We also have people throwing out terms like attention whore, while simultaneously giving this video attention. We got people making bold assumptions, prior service and current military talking sh*t while expecting me to respect their alleged PTSD (I am also prior service military) and people with no actual jobs in the field of mental health attempting to diagnose or recommend a diagnosis.”

A comment he made on Facebook on May 8th suggests he was in the Army National Guard.

Kasper military claim

Knight’s claims that he is a veteran raise interesting questions into the nature of his service, including why none of his former comrades have spoken out against his disreputable behavior, which would no doubt reflect badly on prior service members and the military as a whole.

Kasper Knight 4

Putting icing on the cake, Knight’s social media is littered with photos of he and his urbanite cohorts brandishing a bizarre medley of firearms, most of which rating very low on the quality/desirability scale (as well as Walmart-grade laser aiming devices and several neutered .22 variants of rifles originally designed to fire 5.56 and other such ammunition). Posing much in the way an ignorant gang member from Southern California would with such firearms, the photos are pure gold for gun control advocates and politicians such as Dianne Feinstein to use as ammunition to push an anti-gun agenda.

Kasper Knight

Regardless of how he chooses to further his rap career -which by the nature of the genre itself  often glorifies lawlessness and violence- if Knight wanted to really cement his legend in the music industry, he should have used a shotgun like Kurt Cobain.

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