Radical Muslim blows herself up in front of police officers in eastern Europe

Screenshots from video below

A Russian woman -who once lived a normal life before coming under the influence of a local imam- blew herself up at a checkpoint in the capital of Chechnya, ignoring warning shots by local authorities as she advanced towards them.

In the shaky camera phone video, the woman can be seen walking undeterred towards the Grozny security checkpoint, despite multiple warning salvos being fired after security officials noticed she was wired to explode.

Seemingly close enough to the checkpoint or simply wanting to avoid capture, the woman initiated detonation. In a flash, her body was largely vaporized as her explosive belt detonated, sending what was left of her flying into the air.

The video identifies the woman as 25-year-old Karina Spiridonova, who was born in September of 1993.

According to the Daily Mail, Spiridonova is the daughter of a pro-Russian activist, and reportedly lived a normal life in the Ural Mountains until she was radicalized by a local imam.

Spiridonova -who once wore short dresses and went to parties- had ambitions of being a teacher prior to converting to Islam, but began behaving strangely after she was radicalized.

In addition to marrying a mysterious man and completely changing her lifestyle, she eventually made her final stand 1,500 miles away, blowing herself up as police opened fire.

Spiridonova reportedly left a scrawled message to her god, which only read “forgive me” twenty-one times.

Authorities believe the former volleyball player had been radicalized and effectively “brainwashed” into carrying out the attack.

No law enforcement or civilians were hurt during the incident.

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