Purple-haired “soldier” confronted by Army MP at WalMart

A military police officer in the National Guard could not help but to question a purple-haired woman about her service as she traversed a WalMart parking lot with an appearance that could easily give a CSM a heart attack on the spot.

Judging by her appearance, she is either another case of stolen valor or on her way to get her head completely shaved before reserve duty.  Considering she is sporting a 101st Airborne patch, it is not likely that she is a member of the Army Reserves or National Guard.

The MP recording the video stated he accidentally asked her if she was “82nd Airborne” during the confrontation – suggesting he saw her 101st patch but became flustered in the heat of the moment.

Purple haird sodlier walmart

How many appearance violations can you spot? We spotted at least 5!

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