Punishment for Airman who made rant about black women online has been made public

(Geraldine Lovely/Facebook)

A US Air Force Technical Sergeant from Nellis Air Force Base has been demoted after her video rant about black female subordinates went viral.

Geraldine Lovely was recently demoted to Staff Sergeant after the immense controversy surrounding a video post she made on a Facebook Air Force community page, in which she complained about disrespect from black female subordinates.

“It pisses me off that they have no f***ing respect and constantly having an attitude,” she said.

“I am trying my best to hold my professionalism with them but good God, they have no [expletive] respect whatsoever,” she added.

Needless to say, Lovely’s video quickly became a viral affair with millions of views, which in turn prompted the US Air Force to swing into action- action which included removing Lovely from her supervisory role.

The news of the demotion was discovered after a requested release of her personnel file was granted, with the demotion taking place on February 13.

99th Air Base Wing spokeswoman Major Christina Sukach reported that Lovely has been “held accountable for her actions” and leadership was “satisfied with the outcome.”

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