Protestors scream “F-the troops” after removing US flag from ICE facility

Protestors outside of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Colorado made it clear how they feel about the United States, its military, and pretty much anyone who disagrees with them.

The individuals -who were apparently upset by the overflow of illegal aliens into the United States that choked up detainment facilities- were gathered outside the ICE facility in Aurora, where a US flag had been taken down and replaced with a Mexican flag.

One woman, who had come to express her support for the US and American law enforcement, was verbally accosted by another woman (identified only as “Savannah”) who called her a “white supremacist” and refused to get out of her face.

“You are more concerned with a f***ing piece of cloth than people who are locked in cages?” Savannah said, referring to detained illegal aliens awaiting processing.

When the woman tried to explain to Savannah how she felt, the activist began throwing a child-like tantrum, jumping up and down and repeatedly shrieking “I don’t give a f**k” as she clapped her hands in the woman’s face.

Savannah was then backed up by a man with a combover and bald man wearing a purple dress.

“That flag and the troops are the reason you’re able to be out here,” the woman said.

“You’re a f***ing b**ch,” Savannah interjected. “You’re a f***ing stupid-a**, privileged-a** b**ch. Get the f**k out of here, now!”

Suddenly, a portly man wearing glasses and sporting ill-fitting clothes stepped forward, chastising the woman for supporting the troops and law enforcement.

“If she can stand here and defend this, optics will never matter,” he said.

“I support the troops,” the woman said.

“F**k the troops,” the man said, cutting her off as Savannah went on an energetic tirade about destroying nations for oil.

Following her tirade, Savannah -who may or may not have been on drugs- began pole-dancing on a stop sign.

“F**k the troops, b**ch,” she said repeatedly. “I hope this s**t goes viral.”

Well, Savannah, you got your wish.

Colorado has experienced a massive shift in political demographics in recent years, partly due to the state legalization of federally controlled substances.

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