Protesters continue to be arrested at Creech Air Force base following week protest

Two members of the "Sacred Peace Walk" being arrested at Creech AFB on March 28, 2018. (Screenshot from video below)

A Nevada Air Force base is under attack- by people who don’t like for drones.

Four female protesters were arrested yesterday outside of Creech Air Force Base after failing to disperse when ordered by local law enforcement.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Clark County jail records show four women -ranging in age from 62 to 75- were held on misdemeanor jaywalking and failure to disperse charges.

San Francisco Resident and protest organizer Renay Davis told reporters that the women made up only a third of the people who showed up to demonstrate and that the protesters plan to return to the site, prepared to protest multiple times for the remainder of the week.

Known as the “Sacred Peace Walk,” the protests appear to have a Native American bent to them and protest against both drone attacks and the violation of Native-US treaties dating back to the 1800s, when Native American tribes were defeated by the US military.

According to an online page that organizes the protests, the protesters have multiple demands and grievances.

“We walk in the footsteps of a long legacy of peace walkers and spiritual leaders to draw attention to the nuclear dangers that continue to threaten our planet, and the violent robots (RPAs or drones) continuing to kill people monthly, damaging the community of life in the desert,” the site reads.

The protests have been reportedly going on for several days and have led to some arrests, albeit reported to be symbolic (referred to as “Catch and Release”) in nature. The arrests have largely involved blocking traffic and failure to disperse according to police instruction.

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