Pro-Russian activist killed by a landmine, internet mocks her with dark humor

Source: Twitter

A pro-Russian independent journalist and social media figure was reportedly killed in Donbass after she triggered a landmine.

Born in 1997, Zemfira Suleymanova, who was an activist with The Other Russia E.V. Limonov political party in Russia, has quite a following on TIkTok and Russian social media circles.

The activist’s party is associated with National Bolshevism, a political movement that combines elements of radical nationalism and Bolshevism.

Suleymanova, who had taken a bus to Donbass not long ago, was reported killed on August 16, 2022 (Russian local time).

According to Clicker, the way she died and the nature of the landmine (anti-personnel or anti-tank) is disputed, but her death is confirmed.

“On August 15, the car in which Mira was traveling with a fighter of the people’s militia of the DPR to the next shooting was blown up by a Ukrainian anti-tank mine near Donetsk. She left around midnight,” read the statement obtained by the outlet.

Other reports indicate she stepped on a PFM-1 “butterfly mine,” but either way, the outcome is the same.

Suleymanova was reportedly involved with anti-war protests and her party is known to stand in opposition of Putin’s regime.

For some, her death was cause for celebration.

A Twitter user by the name of Ghost (дух), tweeted: “Well… RuZZist propagandist and genocide lover Zemfira Suleymanova stepped on a landmine – so now she travels back… in the sack… 😼”

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