Pro-Putin Russian propagandists make video of ‘U.S. soldier’ shooting Koran

A video of a man shooting a Koran while dressed up as a U.S. service member was quickly spread across the internet after it was posted on last years anniversary of 9/11.  The video depicts a man wearing a U.S. military desert combat uniform  saying “I’m going to shoot this motherf*&%er” while he shoots a Koran (holy book of Islam) with a Russian made semi-automatic Saiga shotgun.

An investigation by the BBC Russian service has determined that this video was actually made by “St Petersburg propaganda plant,” according Daily Mail.

The anti-American propaganda plant is apparently notorious for creating pro-Putin propaganda to wage information wars – especially when having to do with his seizure of Crimea from Ukraine.

Evidence that supports the video has a Russian origin:

  • The edition of the Koran used in the video is available in Russia for 650 rubles
  • A picture of the man in video was found on Instagram with a geo-tag linked to the address of the propaganda plant
  • The man speaks in an obviously fake-sounding US accent
  • The original posting was on a YouTube account whose owner works at Moscow School Number 58
  • Saiga shotguns (used in video) are Russian made and were banned from import into the United States in July of 2014

The Russian propaganda plant pays its employees 40,000 rubles a month to troll the internet with anti-Western comments on blogs and websites all around the world, according to the report.

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