Private airlifted to hospital after finding “booze and blow” on African deployment

A young British soldier is clinging to life from an African hospital bed after he tasked out of his Kenyan base and decided to sample some of the local cocaine.

18-year-old Private Nathan Scott was in Kenya for less than a week when he was sent off of the Nanyuki training base with three other members of the Royal Logistics Corp for supplies but decided to find “booze and blow.”

One military source told the Daily Mail that while “Kenya is a real sh*thole” and the soldiers “are just kids,” the lower enlisted troops should have been looked after.

“Why was a young group on their first foreign deployment allowed to venture out by themselves without a senior chaperone?” the source pondered.

After being hours late returning to bae, Scott was airlifted to a hospital after having was believed to be a bad reaction to cocaine.

Scott remains under guard at the hospital and will be arrested upon his recovery. The incident remains under investigation.

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