President unexpectedly gives a Marine NCO the microphone during Memorial Day speech

A US Marine was put on the spot for a speech when the President of the United States came to Japan for a visit and managed to overcome his weaknesses in the area of public speaking.

Staff Sergeant Daniel Patterson was summoned by President Donald J. Trump, who referred to him a “Tough-looking guy.”

Chosen to speak during President Trump’s Memorial Day Address aboard the USS Wasp, Patterson is a two-time combat veteran who volunteered for duty in Japan. According to President Trump, his family has served in every generation since the American Revolutionary War.

Despite a family tradition of service in his bloodline, Patterson was the first to choose the United States Marines.

President Trump praised Patterson and all the members of the 7th Fleet, who are holding the line in the Pacific “With unmatched courage and valor.”

He then tested that statement with a challenge for SSG Patterson: public speaking.

“Say a few words, Daniel,” the president said.

Despite a bit of a stutter, Patterson immediately jumped into the fray.

“It’s such an honor and privilege to be here with you, Mr. President,” Patterson began.

Patterson spoke of the mission and his fellow Marines, explaining that they were ready to handle the threats in Asia.

“We know why we’re here and who we need to address,” he said. “If we don’t, if we let ourselves sleep on it for even a second, then we won’t be the ultimate power in the world.”

Excusing himself, Patterson was given a sly smile by the president, who applauded his speech.

“Good job, Daniel,” President Trump said. “He’ll be running for political office within two weeks.”

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