“Preacher” forces children to look at dead babies during Memorial Day parade

A holiday commemorating those who gave their lives in the service of our country quickly unraveled into a fight over the unborn.

An anti-abortion activist filmed himself as he interacted with locals in Waukesha, Wisconsin, including someone who shared his beliefs, but felt his presence was inappropriate.

The man, who presumably had a sign with a graphic image pertaining to abortion, was quietly and tactfully called out by locals as police approached him, telling him that his public display was inappropriate and dishonored fallen American servicemen and women.

“How can we honor Soldiers when we murder children everyday,” said the man, identified as Nicholas Heald. “That’s dishonoring them.”

A Police officer with Waukesha Police was seen making a beeline towards the activist when the video cut off, presumably telling Heald to get out of the street before the parade arrived.

A second video shows Heald “preaching” over a megaphone at the parade, much to the discomfort of those around him. Eventually, police approach him and ask him to cut it out.

“You have a right to freedom of speech, obviously,” the officer, identified as Lieutenant Chad Pergande began. “But you can’t actually use the sound amplifier.”

The officer then referred to a local ordinance, asking Heald to “look it up.”

“Here’s what’s gonna happen,” Pergande said. “You’re gonna stop.If you don’t stop, we’re gonna arrest you and take away the amplifier.”

Pergande noted that he had no intention of stopping Heald from spreading his message, but said the amplifier was not within legal guidelines.

After coming to terms with Pegande’s orders, Heald walked off, shouting that everyone “deserve[s] to be in Hell right now.”

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