Pranksters send men looking for prostitutes to Stolen Valor offender’s apartment

Self-styled fitness guru and renowned stolen valor offender Jason Blaha (AKA Jason Bluha) is at is again, this time pointing weapons at men who were unwittingly directed to his Houston-area apartment in hopes of a “casual encounter” with a woman.

Trolled by internet users who found his spiral into paranoia amusing after he was exposed to be lying about his CIA mercenary-hitman career, Blaha has recently been the target of an internet troll scheme that lures men to his address- under the guise of a Craigslist “casual encounter” with a member of the fairer sex.

Instagram videos posted by Blaha have shown him coming out of his apartment to meet two men (he claims to have encountered at least six men in total), often armed with a carbine.  In one video, he forces one the individuals -at gunpoint- to leave their ID (personal property) at his feet, claiming that he will drop the IDs off for the police to investigate.

In another video, one man shows Blaha his phone to show him the craigslist sex ad, with Blaha’s female partner (Brittany “Mooncookie” Leigh) calmly explaining the situation to the individual while an irate Blaha asking “you don’t know who I am? You haven’t seen me on the internet?”

A third video shows Blaha patrolling outside of his apartment -with a rifle case in hand- in search of supposed stalkers, as his partner makes meowing noises and says “maybe we make mating calls for these p**sies.”

When his tactics were questioned on Instagram, Blaha defended his aggressive posture and claimed he was working with authorities.

“It’s [the ID] in the hand of law enforcement,” he wrote. “The guy knows more than me and can cooperate with the authorities. That’s how you get to the bottom of something like this.”

“As much as people want to paint as a psycho, I’m only utilizing aggressive deterrence to deescalate [sic] a probable conflict,” He added. “I’m not looking to start sh*t, merely get to the bottom of it. Other than when he tested me briefly, he wasn’t further provoking or saying creepy stuff or anything else beside [sic] felony trespassing.”

However, unwisely-posted public video footage can tell a much different story in the eyes of the general public.

Blaha has been regularly lampooned by internet users for his overreactions and story fabrications through the years, including a series of videos where he told veterans to “f***” themselves in regard to stolen valor claims, even making allusions to violence toward anyone who would wish harm upon him.

However, despite showing up at the door with an AR15 and forcing people to the ground, it appears his Craigslist trolls are undeterred.

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  • Andy Wolf

    Andy Wolf is an Appalachian native who spent much of his youth and young adulthood overseas in search of combat, riches, and adventure- accruing decades of experience in military, corporate, first responder, journalistic and advisory roles. He resides in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains with his K9 companion, Kiki.

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