Prankster releases terrorist ‘social experiment’ right after Orlando shooting

YouTube prankster Joey Salads in under fire for uploading a video titled, “Terrorism RADICAL Islam vs RADICAL Christianity (Social Experiment)” to YouTube only hours after the Orlando attack. Many are calling his social experiment -which looks a lot more like a compilation of pranks- poorly timed, insensitive and an attempt to profit from the tragedy.

It is no coincidence that he uploaded the video, that took place in New York, directly after the attack either.

Joey Salads wrote this description below the video: “This video shouldn’t offend anyone, it simply opens up a dialogue to a tragedy, This video will raise questions to why certain things happen, watch the WHOLE video to understand”

Shortly after posting the video he uploaded a video to explain his reason for creating it.

YouTube video


  • Michael Swaney

    Michael is an Army veteran and the Director of Content for Bright Mountain Media LLC

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