Pork meat being thrown on Muslim terrorists to keep them from life after death

(Warning: Video content may be graphic for some viewers)

With more and more Islamic extremists putting martyrdom above anything else- most recently in San Bernardino, where young Muslim terrorist parents left behind their 6-month old child – it seems all sorts of strategies to stop them are beginning to emerge.

In Israel – where a wave of new attacks has swept the country – fed up Israelis defiled the body of a terrorist who was killed by police.

After a series of bloody terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, an angry citizen near Kiryat Arba placed a piece of pork on the dead terrorist’s body. With a hint of sarcasm in his voice, you can hear the man shouting to the crowd in Hebrew: “You see this pig’s meat…here is the pig’s meat.. Let him “enjoy” the pig’s meat with his virgins.

Fanatical Muslims believe if they murder non-Muslims they will get access to “paradise” and 72 virgins to rape in the hereafter. Some radical clerics claim that suicide bombers will receive all sorts of added benefits, as long as he or she doesn’t come in contact with a pig.

The resident in the town, on the outskirts of Hebron, took the internet by storm after footage of him placing the pork on the terrorist’s body went viral.

City officials called the act “a legitimate response.”

The mayor of Kiryat Arba said, “The terrorist came to slaughter the Jews and we had to treat him like he meant to treat us.”

According to frontpagemag.com, the intestines of a Jewish boy were found in an outpost in the  West Bank, after a terrorist attack there.

A chief rabbi in Israel defended the practice of using pigskin in burial. If that will deter suicide bombers, he said then: “it is incumbent on us to do this. We should do anything to save life.”

According to an American folktale, it’s not the first time this deterrent has been used.

Islamic terrorists were very quickly stopped during another episode in American history when attacks started cropping up.  It was about 1911, in the Philippines, and U.S. General John Pershing was in command of a garrison there. Gen. Pershing told his boys to “catch the perps and teach them a lesson.”

Legend has it that the General “effectively discouraged” Muslim terrorists by killing them and burying their bodies along with those of pigs.

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