Poll: Majority of Arabs support stabbing Jews, even being taught to kids

A frightening trend emerging in the West Bank and Gaza as Palestinian youth in the region seem to support the idea that hunting down Jews and attacking them with knives is a heroic and honorable act.

According to a recent Palestinian public opinion poll, Sixty-seven percent of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza support the use of knives in the current confrontations with Israel, but about 73% oppose the participation of young school girls in the stabbing attacks.

The poll was conducted in December, by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research. It also showed that some 66 percent of those surveyed want Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to step down, with 68 percent saying they no longer believe in the two-state solution.

The survey found that Palestinian youth, in particular, are growing tired of the current security agreements between the PA and Israel and are the ‘most likely to support an armed intifada.’

Fox News reports that Palestinian leaders– and now pop stars– are accused of blatantly encouraging the attacks.

“We’re going down from every house with cleavers and knives,” lyrics from the hit song I’m Coming Towards You, My Enemy, which is being played all over the airwaves in the West Bank.

The funky tunes and catchy lyrics about ‘murder and martyrdom’ are all the rage on government- controlled radio, Fox reports. Another big hit that’s sweeping the charts is the song,  “Stab the Zionist and Say God is Great.”

One of the poster boys for this disturbing trend is Muhammed Assaf , the 2013 winner of the Arab equivalent of “American Idol.”  Assaf, who lives in Gaza, sings lyrics that “incite and glorify” violence. In his recent hit, “Ya Yumma” he sings “…fight back until you defeat the aggressor.”

All this, while dozens have already been killed, on both sides, in stabbing attacks throughout Jerusalem over the last few months.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his ruling Fatah party have apparently done little to discourage this craze. The leadership is doing the opposite and fueling the rage, according to some experts, like Nan Jacques Zilberdik — senior analyst at Jerusalem-based Palestinian Media Watch.

He told FoxNews.com, “The PA and Fatah movements use all the communications infrastructures at their disposal to fuel the incitement on official PA media, on PA TV, Fatah Facebook, and on Twitter.” In fact, some are claiming that Israel is faking the attacks and planting knives at the scene, killing innocent victims.

Whether you say it in a song or directly or indirectly into a camera, calling a killer a ‘hero’ or a ‘martyr’ is going to incite youth on the streets to violence, he added.

Footage showing a little girl brandishing a knife as she states that she wants to “stab a Jew” was posted on social media back in October. The IB Times reported that the clip was uploaded on the Facebook account belonging to a Jordanian-Palestinian schoolteacher. The girl was later identified as the teacher’s daughter. In the video a man asks: “Why do you want to stab the Jew?” The girl answers: “Because he stole our land.”

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