Police throw surprise parade for fallen Marine Radier, blast The Marine’s Hymn from SWAT vehicles

The coronavirus pandemic couldn’t keep California first responders from paying homage to the family of a fallen Marine, as seen by the small procession of fire, medical, patrol and paramilitary vehicles that rolled past the home of the bereaved family.

Following a helicopter flyby, a parade of emergency vehicles began lumbering down the street, ranging from fire trucks to SWAT armored vehicles.

One patrol unit began playing the “Marine Corps Hymn,” and many vehicles were flying the US and Marine Corps flags, respectively.

Not long after, a line of civilian vehicles followed the emergency rigs, paying their respects.

According to the VC Star, the parade was to honor Gunnery Sergeant Diego Pongo, a member of the USMC 2nd Raider Battalion who was killed in a March operation against Islamic State remnants.

Pongo’s family, unfortunately, had to delay funeral services due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the delay in putting Pongo to rest, the family can now take solace in the fact that their community stands behind them. 

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