Police searching pond in connection to the disappearance of soldier’s daughter

As law enforcement continues their hunt for the missing daughter of a US Army Soldier, authorities are searching a pond in North Carolina- a place they fear may be a watery grave for a 15-month old child.

The pond, located near Wilkesboro, North Carolina, has been the site of first responder activity in hopes of finding Evelyn Boswell, the 15-month-old child of US Army Soldier Ethan Perry and Megan Boswell.

While Perry has been at his duty station in Louisiana, Megan Boswell attempted to frame him by claiming he had possession of Evelyn. A subsequent investigation revealed that Boswell had made the story up, and she now faces charges of false reporting.

“Every time we talk to her, her story changes. I’m serious when I say that every single time,” Sullivan County (TN) Investigator Andrew Seabolt said of Megan Boswell in an interview with WVLT.

Evelyn’s grandmother, Angela Boswell, was arrested in North Carolina last Friday after she was found in a stolen BMW. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, William McCloud, who was also taken into custody.

The BMW in question was owned by Melissa Wood, who reported her 2007 BMW had been stolen by Angela Boswell on February 20. The BMW was reportedly going to be sold to Megan Boswell, but officials said no money changed hands.

At the time of the stop, McCloud was in the driver’s seat.

Megan Boswell also claims that her mother had taken the baby to a campground in Abbingdon, Virginia, though it was soon revealed that the park -open seasonally- closed on November 1.

The owner of the campground denied the Boswells ever making an appearance, and most of the campgrounds in the area don’t open until April.

Evelyn Boswell’s disappearance was not initially reported to authorities, and thus a search for her was delayed.

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