Police release video of thief stealing murdered Army vet’s wedding ring, backpack

A man who bore witness to the fatal stabbing of a Portland Army veteran during a knife attack by a white supremacist reportedly ran off with the fallen hero’s bag, security camera footage reveals.

Stabbed by 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian, 53-year-old Ricky Best -who attempted to intervene and stop Christian’s rampage of violence- was picked clean of his wedding ring and backpack by a vulturous bystander wearing what appears to be a Madonna or Marilyn Monroe shirt.

Best, who served as a platoon sergeant during his 23-year stint in the United States Army. He was working for local government at the time of his murder. 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher was also wounded in the attack, requiring surgery for the knife wounds to his throat. 23-year old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Mech was also killed in the attack.

Law enforcement officials say the contents of the backpack are important to Best’s family and urges anyone who can identify the thief to contact local authorities

Christian -a felon who has a long history of extremist views- showed up in court on Tuesday, semi-coherently rambling alt-right and jingoistic statements at the top of his lungs. He has been charged with several offenses, including two counts of aggravated murder, attempted murder, two counts of second-degree intimidation and being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon.

The entire incident kicked off when Christian began a hateful tirade against two teenage girls, one clad in a Muslim hijab.

He allegedly shouted at them to “go back to Saudi Arabia,” to “get out of his country”, and to “kill themselves.”

Victim Destinee Magnum told local news affiliates that the man told them to kill themselves. She firmly believes that the men who stepped in saved their lives.

“Me and my friend were going to get off the MAX [local rail system] and then we turned around while they were fighting and he just started stabbing people,” she said. “It was just blood everywhere and we just started running for our lives.”

When surrounded by officers, Christian attempted to die via “suicide by cop,” prodding the officers to shoot him and saying “’If you want to get my knife you have to kill me, f***ers.”

One woman attempted to stem the bleeding of Namkai-Mech, who died on the scene. His last words were reportedly “Tell them, I want everybody to know, I want everybody on the train to know, I love them.”

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