Police officer writes Army Veteran a ticket and then does the unexpected

A police officer in Springfield Ohio, who wishes to remain anonymous is receiving praise for an act of kindness.  On September 11th the officer responded to the scene of a traffic accident in which Mark Jones, an Army veteran, was involved in.

According to WHIO, when the officer was writing Jones a citation for the accident he learned that Jones was an Army Veteran who had just been put on a week unpaid furlough by his employer, Navistar.  Jones asked the officer if he could just pay the citation without having to go to court.  After being laid off from work for a week Jones did not want to miss a day of work as well.

The compassionate officer offered to give Jones the money to pay for the citation, but Jones politely declined.

During an interview with WHIO, Jones said, “The next day, I go to check the mail and there’s a letter in there from the officer — with money.”

The officer left $120 cash along with this heartfelt letter:

“As Law Enforcement Officers, we have to enforce the law regardless of how we feel about it. Many people say that officers could care less about the citizens.  They say we are just out to ruin someone’s job, family etc. Mr. Jones, September 11th just happened to be a day that influenced my XXXXX decision.  It made me want to help others in a time of need.

I have found out in police work not always is it going to be helping someone out of a burning building or jumping in front of a bullet for them.  Sometimes help comes in a way of getting someone through a difficult time.

Mr. Jones, I know the many struggle s you are facing right now in life. I know it is even harder being a veteran and having a son who is serving our nation right now.  Regardless of all the bad things happening in your life right now, keep your head high.  You will bounce back and be on top of the world again.  I spoke to a friend named James, someone you said you know.  I heard nothing but good things (besides being a Steelers fan) he had to say about you and your family.  There are great things coming your way, just

This money may not help you completely, but I hope it helps you get back on your feet.  I thank you and your family for your sacrifice and service to this nation.  I pray for the safety of your son in his tour with our great nation.  God Bless the Jones Family.

Your Friend, SPD Officer”

Jones told replied, “I don’t know what to do now, you know? How do I repay this guy?”

Springfield Police Chief Moody commended the officer by saying, “the officer demonstrated the sense of compassion that accompanies service… The officer didn’t treat the situation as just another call for service…he interacted with someone as a human being and listened to the man’s story.”

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