Police not pursuing man who broke up feminist protest on way to work

The San Francisco faction of the Extinction Rebellion movement were seemingly shocked that blocking the street in the name of “climate change” would upset locals trying to get to work- so much so, that one man decided to take matters into his own hands.

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement, a UK-founded group which promotes civil disobedience to persuade governments to pursue legislation on climate change, has been making headlines across the world in recent weeks, ranging from members gluing themselves to trains and airplanes to entering restaurants and filling the streets.

XR’s seemingly favorite tactic, which involves blocking traffic or disrupting transit, is especially unpopular from the tube stations of London to the intersections of San Francisco, and has resulted in some members being forcibly moved or shut down by angry commuters.

In the case of San Francisco, XR members were (understandably) harangued by individuals as they blocked traffic and sang songs, preventing law-abiding people from going about their business.

People watched from nearby buildings and streets as the drama unfolded, filming the event while some questioned whether or not the police should be called.

After some time, a man wearing scrubs had finally had enough and sneaked up behind the protesters, taking their sign and throwing it over a tall fence with surprising ease. When an activist shoved a phone into the man’s face, he took it and threw it before heading off to wherever his original destination was.

The action incited cheers from amongst the bystanders observing from an elevated position, who praised the man for temporarily dispersing the activists.

According to the Daily Wire, protesters later reported via social media that they tried to get the police involved, filing an official complaint against the unnamed man. However, the activists noted that police officials said the incident would likely not be investigated.

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