Police investigate gunshots fired near Chattanooga military facility

Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee responded to reports of shots fired near the Navy & Marine Reserve Center on Wednesday Morning. The military facility was the site of a deadly shooting that claimed six lives in July.

According to the Daily News, the police received two 911 calls around 10:30 a.m., one of the callers said the gunfire came from the military facility while the other caller said the gunfire came from Chattanooga State Community College, which was locked down as a precaution.

To prevent residents from being harmed, the police removed civilians from the park and the area around the military facility and asked them to stay indoors until the situation had been resolved.

The officers also checked the Lee Highway recruitment office where the deadly shooting occurred during the summer, despite no reports of shots being fired in the area.

The Chattanooga Police Department dispatched 30 officers armed with automatic rifles to the Naval Center on Wednesday. According to the police chief, the main building was secured shortly after they arrived the scene.

Despite the two emergency calls, there was no evidence of a shooter. Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher said there was no indication of an active shooter, and he didn’t believe there was an immediate threat to the public.

“What we have is a short time ago we received two reports of what appears to be a sound like the report of a single gunshot,” Fletcher said. “We are responding to make sure that those were not threats to the community. Again, nobody’s seen a gun; nobody’s seen anybody with a weapon . . . We are responding, given the nature of the location, more robustly than we normally would.”


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