Police embarrass man accused of stealing disabled veteran’s handicap plates

St. Louis County police went to social media to ask for help finding a man accused of stealing a disabled veteran’s handicap license plates from his car.

Police say the man stole the plates off the Randy Millerman’s car while it was parked at a dentist office last month.  An employee of the dentist office saw the man stealing the plates that were clearly marked with “disabled vet.”

Police acknowledged the despicable nature of the crime and took the opportunity to poke fun at the alleged criminal’s choices in life. A tweet by the department says,  “note the super sweet neck and hand tattoos. Which decision is worse: stealing the plates or his choice in tattoos? Not #inkmaster worthy.”

“I’m a veteran. They should string him up,” said veteran and National Guardsman Randy Millerman to the local news. “Something like that, I don’t know what the punishment would be for it … (needs to be) a little more than a boot in the butt.”

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