Police catch suspect accused of killing retired Marine during attempt to stop robbery

A retired Marine, who sprung into action as a Good Samaritan, was shot and killed trying to prevent a jewelry store robbery at a San Antonio mall Sunday afternoon and five others were hospitalized.

Police said that as the suspects tried to get away after robbing a Kay Jewelers in the mall, they ran into two bystanders.

42-year-old retired Marine Jonathan Murphy, who had a concealed weapons permit, shot one of this suspects but was shot and killed during the incident.  According to a GoFundMe, set up by his stepdaughter’s boyfriend, Murphy and his wife were at the jewelry store getting their wedding rings cleaned.

“Jon loved Harleys, the Marine Corps, and being a good man, but over everything else I believe he loved his wife and family,” Chris Cercone wrote.

The other suspect managed to escape the mall, firing at bystanders as he went.  He eventually wrecked a stolen vehicle just before 4:00 PM on Sunday, according to San Antonio Police.  He was apprehended by Converse Police Department and transferred into the custody of the San Antonio Police Department.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus described the shooting at the Rolling Oaks Mall as a “robbery gone really, really bad.”

The suspect is facing one Capital Murder charge and two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  The suspect who was shot in the mall is in critical condition at the hospital will also face the same charges.  Police have not released their identities.

Two other shooting victims also were taken to a hospital but have not been identified, according to Fox 29.

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