Poland wants permanent U.S. military presence due to growing Russian threat

The U.S. Army 2nd Calvary rides through Poland during Operation Atlantic Resolve. Photo Credit: U.S. Army

Polish Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak called for the U.S. to provide permanent U.S. troops in its territory due to the growing Russian military threat.

According to UA Today, the request came after the deployment of a Patriot missile defense battery by the U.S. Army near Warsaw as part of joint exercises designed to reassure Poland.  The show of support comes at a critical time considering Russia’s military intrusion in neighboring Ukraine.

Approximately 100 U.S soldiers and 30 vehicles accompanied the Patriot missile battery.  The defense minister also indicated that Poland would like to host over 10,000 troops from “allied armed forces” for participation in military exercises this year.

U.S. Ambassador Stephen Mull stated, “Today we demonstrate the United States ability to quickly deploy the Patriot missiles in Poland in case of necessity.  We are here to show our Polish allies that American security guarantees for Poland within NATO mean much more than words on paper.”

Earlier in March, U.S. News reported that 3,000 U.S. soldiers were off to Eastern Europe to conduct training exercise with forces from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The deployment was part of an ongoing U.S. military operation designed to show support to NATO allies worried about continued aggression from Russia.

While the Department of Defense has announced plans to reduce the number of overall permanent troops in Europe, it is increasing the program in which military units spend short-term deployments across Europe for exercises and training.

Along with the 3,000 U.S. soldiers were 750 U.S. military tanks, helicopters and various other equipment.  Army Col. Steve Warren stated that much of the heavy equipment would stay in the region as the U.S. rotates troops in and out of the area.

FOX News reported last week that a U.S. Army infantry convoy began its 1,100 mile trek across Eastern Europe to reassure allies of U.S. support in the face of the Ukraine conflict.

The convoy dubbed the “Dragoon Ride” started in Estonia and will make its way to a base in Germany, completing its journey by April 1.  Dozens of Stryker armored vehicles, which are typically transported by rail, and accompanying U.S. troops are traveling across six European countries.

Gen. Bogulsaw Pacek said the convoy is a sign to “those in the East” that NATO is strong and united.


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