Pokemon Go players find Marine combat vet murdered in park

Marine Crops veteran Dustin Shirk (GoFundMe)

A veteran who served eight years in the Marine Corps was killed while trying to get back in shape to re-enlist in the Marine Corps early Tuesday Morning.

Dustin Shirk was out for a run after working a late shift at UPS, according to his mother, who said he routinely exercised after work.

According to ABC15, the incident happened around 1 a.m. on Tuesday at Cielito Park near 35th and Campbell avenues in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cielito Park is a popular spot for Pokemon Go players and dozens of people were in the park at the time of Shirk’s murder.

Jodie Rogers, an avid Pokemon Go player, told ABC that the park is popular because it is home to Magmar, a rare creature coveted by players.

According to reports, two Pokemon Go players found Shirk after he had been shot, staying by his side until first responders arrived.

Shirk was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Marine Crops veteran Dustin Shirk (GoFundMe)
Marine Crops veteran Dustin Shirk (GoFundMe)

Police said they got several calls from people who heard gunshots in the area but it is not known if any witnesses saw the shooting or the shooter.

“We’re in our own war zone here. There’s evil people out there.  There’s a cold-blooded killer out there right now,” said Dustin’s mother, Cindy Hamblen-Shirk.

She expressed gratitude for the Pokemon Go players who found Dustin and stayed with him.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart that my son didn’t just sit there and suffer with nobody by his side. I wish I could have been the person there by my son’s side, holding his hand,” she said.

She pleaded to ABC for the killer to come forward.

“I hope you have a conscience. Maybe you were out of your mind the time. I hope your conscience comes back.  I hope you do the right thing,” said Hamblen-Shirk.

A GoFundMe account* has been created to raise money for Dustin Shirk’s funeral costs.  There is a $1,000 reward for any information -callers can remain anonymous- that leads to an arrest.  Anyone with information is encouraged to call  1-800-343-8477.

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