Pilot freaks out after hitting 7 Gs during training, thinks he’s in a “fist fight”

A class of their own, fighter pilots represent some of the best and brightest of mankind.

From helping beleaguered soldiers on the ground to setting foot on the moon, veterans of air combat are known for pushing themselves above and beyond as they defy gravity in birds of steel, often with a level of “cool” that makes for good Hollywood blockbusters.

Before pilot trainees can become fully-fledged military aviators, they first have to prove that they can handle the physical and mental stresses that come with high-performance flight. One of the ways to prove this is in the centrifuge, which subjects them to high levels of acceleration (or “g-forces”) and tests their ability to sustain the kinds of forces they will be up against piloting some of the finest aircraft in the world.

High-G training is not only important, it can also be pretty hilarious. While subjected to such forces, pilots and trainees can lose consciousness, experience “red out” (where excess blood moves to the eyes) or even temporarily lose peripheral or color vision.

In the US military, Air Force pilots and Naval Aviators undergo high G-training, which is generally filmed and evaluated.

As such, these videos are frequently shared on the internet and can evoke both awe and amusement, depending on the stamina or reaction of the subject in the centrifuge.

This pilot -featured in the video above- was undergoing training in July of 2016 when he suffered G-force induced loss of consciousness (abbreviated as G-LOC, pronounced ‘JEE-lock’) at 7Gs, but his reaction is what gave spectators a few laughs.

G-LOC is inevitable for pilots in training but some take on more G-forces before it occurs, like this pilot in 2007 who made it to 9Gs.

YouTube video

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