Photo of infantry first sergeant having affair with female infantry private released

SFC Usher with the Army private at a local bar in Fayetteville, NC.

(Editor’s note: A previous version of this story misidentified the female subject (this was INCORRECT); the correct person is pictured in the above photo released)

An Airborne Infantryman with knowledge of the explicit sexual affair between an acting first sergeant and a female infantry Private is calling the young soldier out, claiming she has been unable to resist sexual encounters with her male counterparts since arriving at the unit.

The paratrooper -whose identity has been withheld due to concerns of retaliation by the Army- previously served with the 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 82nd Airborne Division’s 3rd Brigade and the unit now known for the first documented sexual scandal between a senior Non-Commissioned Officer and a female Infantry Private.

Acting First Sergeant for Bravo Company at the time of the sexual encounters, Sergeant First Class Chase Usher began sleeping with the private less than ninety days after she became one of the first generation of females to join an Airborne Infantry unit.

The two reportedly carried on a sexual relationship, which lasted for several months in 2017.

SFC Usher was removed from his position in the aftermath of the scandal and has since been relegated to a staff role, presumably under heavy supervision. It is unknown exactly what punishment the private received, through a source who knew both of them personally told Popular Military that she received an Article 15.

The outgoing paratrooper -who verified his unit affiliations via unclassified DoD paperwork- said that many in 2/505 knew it was inevitable that the soldier would sleep around with higher leadership.

“We all saw it coming and knew she was sexually soliciting multiple leaders within our unit and having inappropriate relationships,” he said. “It makes me angry because this is what we expected with the new integration and I’d like it known- the full extent of what’s happening in Infantry line units with integrated females.”

The source then said that while SFC Usher “knew better,” the private knew it was wrong and was not punished as severely as the senior NCO, receiving only an Article 15, as well as extra duty and a potential reduction in rank.

“He was a leader and knew better, but so did [she], he said. “All [the command] did was give her an Article 15. They didn’t even [transfer her to another unit], which is basic protocol for fraternization.”

The source said that she is not terribly popular in Bravo Company, where she has been known to “fall out” of physical events such as ruck marches, creating an uncomfortable environment for the male soldiers, and blaming her shortcomings on sexual discrimination.

“Some of my closest friends who were assigned to Bravo company at the time of the incident said that the multiple investigations that her relationship with Usher brought on made it a very uncomfortable work environment,” the source said, adding that soldiers began to dread going to the company to be questioned by investigators on their possible relationships with her.

In addition, he mentioned that NCOs were having a hard time figuring out how to discipline the female soldiers, as they feared retaliation by a chain of command that is both sympathetic to the female soldiers and determined to make gender integration work.

“Most of the NCO’s commented on how difficult it is to administer proper ‘corrective training’ when everyone is afraid of upsetting a female in case of retaliation from the chain of command,” he said. “[The] biggest excuse being ‘my NCOs were smoking me because I’m a girl,’ when almost every time she’s being smoked along with other male peers.”

The whistleblower said that it isn’t just her who is acting in such a matter- other women in the unit have been behaving promiscuously with their peers as well.

As far as leaving the unit, the source is glad to have gotten away from soldiers like her when he did.

“I saw first hand what integrating women into combat arms has done to that unit,” he said.

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