People gag from smell of airman who stunk like s**t returning from deployment

A Colorado Springs Airman’s luggage was soiled by a leaky airplane lavatory- and United Airlines made him dispose of the smelly bags on his own.

When Captain David Harris returned from a six-month deployment to the Middle East last Friday, he and those who welcomed him home noticed something wrong with his luggage.

“While walking with him, his family, and other friends to their car we all kept commenting on how incredibly disgusting his bag smelled,” Harris’ friend, Moriah Riona, wrote on Facebook. It actually made several of us gag.”

Investigating the bag, the Captain soon found that the bag was wet and smelled of raw sewage.

After Riona convinced Harris to go back inside and inquire about the state of his luggage, United Airlines officials protested the return of the stinky bags and demanded he leave their office.

“When they got there, and rolled the bag into the baggage office the woman behind the counter put her hand over her nose and asked them to take it out of the office because of the smell,” Riona recounted on Facebook. “She left and returned seconds later with a can of aerosol air freshener spraying it as she came back to the counter.”

Informing Harris that the aircraft suffered a lavatory leak, the United employee suggested that Harris file a claim online.

“The United employees threw up their hands and said it was out of their control,” Riona wrote. “They put masks over their faces, and gloves on their hands. Then handed Dave a pair of gloves, and some large plastic bags. Then all of the United employees disappeared….They left him there with his belongings (covered in human waste) to deal with it himself.”

Among other personal effects that were ruined: a combat-flown US Flag that was given to him in recognition of his deployment.

United customer service, unwilling to deal with the problem, again suggested Harris file a complaint online, which would take “8-10 weeks.”

Harris’ story quickly took off on social media, sparking outrage online.

“United is seriously garbage,” Adri DeJoy said in a comment. “I am so sorry anyone had to deal with that, let alone a man of service!”

Riona later said that “[Harris] and United have reached an amicable agreement.”

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