Pentagon considering sending additional troops to Iraq in response to beheaded journalist

In response to the beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS, President Obama and military leaders are deciding if they should to send additional American forces to Iraq. If the Pentagon proceeds with its plan, the US will send 300 troops to Iraq to supplement the approximately 750 that are currently there. The Pentagon leaders state that there has been no definite decision yet.

President Obama stated on Wednesday by stating that “the entire world is appaled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group ISIL.  Jim was a journalist, a son, a brother and a friend.  He reported from difficult and dangerous places, bearing withness to the lives of people a world away.”

Islamic militants issued a threat to the U.S that they were going to kill another American captive in response to continued U.S. attacks.  American drones and fighter jets conducted a dozen airstrikes in Iraq since Tuesday.

14 recent airstrikes in the area of Mosul Dam were targeted to help Iraqi and Kurdish troops protect the facility.  In all, there have been 84 airstrikes since the start of operations.  The airstrikes have assisted Iraqis in reclaiming the dam from ISIS.

As of Wednesday, it was immediately known if President Obama would send notification to Congress under the War Powers Act. There are approximately 748 U.S. forces in Iraq. Around 100 additional troops were also sent on a routine mission assigned to the Office of Security Cooperation in Baghdad. Under the current war powers resolutions, about 775 U.S troops are authorized for assessment teams, advisers, and security assistance.   Obama had conducted the recent airstrikes with knowledge of the possibility that ISIS would conduct the journalist’s beheading.

A 40 year old journalist from Rochester, New Hampshire, Foley, was stated missing from northern Syria, while freelancing for Agence France – Presse, as well as Boston-based media company. The video was deemed to appear authentic.

A second man, Steven Scotloff, who is known as the next captive victim. He was kidnapped near the Syrian-Turkish in August 2013. He is the freelancer for Time, Media Line, and National Interest. The militants said they would not hesitate to kill Scotloff if the U.S continued airstrikes.

Officials spoke on the condition of anonymity and were not able to discuss any ongoing operations.


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