Paratrooper survives 1,600-foot fall from C-130 in Indonesia

Source: YouTube

A paratrooper in Indonesia miraculously survived after his parachute failed to fully inflate during a training exercise.

During the morning of November 8th, Salman Krisnes, a member of the country’s Quick Reaction Forces Command, was taking part in a training exercise at Sulaiman Air Base when the accident occurred.

Video of the incident shows the paratrooper jumping from a low-flying Hercules C-130 aircraft and plunging 1,600 feet to the ground after his parachute failed to open properly.

According to the Indonesian Air Force, Salman survived the fall with only a fractured hip and is recovering in the hospital.

“He was referred to the Indonesian Air Force Hospital Salamun Bandung. Currently his condition is stable and he is being referred for further treatment.”

Indonesia’s Quick Reaction Forces Command, also known as Kopasgat, is an elite Indonesian Air Force special forces unit tasked with anti-terrorism operations, seizing and defending airfields, responding to aircraft hijackings, and intelligence operations.

YouTube video

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