Paratrooper smacks building after missing drop zone

A paratrooper had a “sub optimal” landing, one that made him the butt of many Reddit jokes.

The /r/military board, which featured the video, had a lot to say about the incident.

The video in question shows a paratrooper landing on a building at a decent speed, sliding off the side and landing on the pavement with an audible thud.

The cameraman appears to have been a passenger in a passing car.

The comments were less related to the dangers of parachuting and more about how the Veterans Affairs system would screw the guy out of disability benefits.

“Crazy,” theoneace wrote, “I never knew an attraction to rooftops was preexisting.”

“The VA has found your knee and back injury is not service connected,” Orlando1701 added. “Additionally getting shot in the face in Iraq is not a presumptive condition.”

“The fact that we hear the sound recorded on a device this far away on a windy day means that he hit really hard then fell off the roof,” ToastyBob27 remarked. “Ouch, not good!”

The location and time of the incident is not known.

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