The most painfully absurd stolen valor encounter ever recorded

A video has surfaced out of Ohio of what can only be described as the most bizarre calling out of stolen valor- by a possible stolen valor offender.

The video was allegedly filmed by Edward Dodson, who appears to have some sort of impediment despite claiming to have served eight years in Marine ROTC. Dodson captured what appeared to be an indigent vagrant with disabilities outside of a public transit station, wearing a “Korean War Veteran” hat and claiming to have been a Colonel in the US Marines.

Berating the man for Stolen Valor, Dodson repeatedly tells the man he is a faker and treats him aggressively, threatening to call the police and file a report against the man.

Edward Dodson appears to be employed by Mcdonalds. (Facebook)

When the man had finally had enough of Dodson, he stood up, prompting Dodson to summon help from nearby bystanders and point his “knife hand” at the man, telling him to stand down.

“You’re a fake,” Dodson repeatedly shouted, telling the man to leave and threatening to behave in self-defense if the man -whom he antagonized- did not step away.

Hailing from the Ohio-Kentucky border near Cincinnati, Dodson reportedly finished high school in 2003 at Ramey Estep High School in Rush, KY.

While his family website lists him as the married father of four children, no records of his service in Marine ROTC are mentioned.

Edward Dodson and his fiance Shawntice Pickett. (YouTube)

Dodson also has a GoFundMe page from 2016 that attempts to raise $900 for him to go to “witch camp.”

“My name is Edward Dodson and in 2018 I would like to go on my 1St witch camp i will like to go on this camp to have a retreat also with it being a Intensive that it is i know that i will be (sic) useing my time for the Gods and Goddness,” Dodson wrote, his request littered with typographical and grammatical errors.


Dodson’s fiance, Shawnice, earned medals in track while competing in the Special Olympics in Columbus, Ohio, in 2000. (Facebook)

The GoFundMe page claims that Dodson lives in Sacramento, California, which would explain his presence at a Sacramento protest in February, in which 100 individuals shut down an Interstate 5 on-ramp over the police shooting of Joseph Mann. A member of the Black Lives Matter movement and a follower of Cop Block, Dodson appears to harbor heavy anti-police sentiment, as evidenced in video footage.

“We took to the streets,” he said in a Facebook Live video.

While it is unknown in what capacity -if any- Dodson ever served in the military, one thing is for certain- he certainly knows how to make headlines.

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