PHOTO: Cobra Gold 2014

Royal Thai, Republic of Korean and U.S. assault amphibious vehicles lay a smoke screen during an amphibious training exercise at Hat Yao Beach, Thailand on February 14th during exercise Cobra Gold 2014. Gallery Image

Navy Deploying Ship-Borne Lasers

The U.S. Navy is deploying a solid-state laser for the first time aboard the USS Ponce this summer (2014), and rail guns aren’t far behind reports the U.S. Navy. The lasers will complement kinetic based weapons to create another layer…

VIDEOS: Klub-K Missile in a Box

The Klub-K (aka Club K) is a Russian missile that can be launched from various platforms including commercial shipping containers mounted on trucks, trains and merchant vessels. Reports indicate Russia has sold the system to Iran, among other nations, raising…

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