Overweight, ‘Call of Duty’ lover with mental illness hoping to join Army with new waivers

The Army is apparently desperate for personnel, as they are reportedly willing to enlist the aid of woman with mental illness, as well as other troops that require waivers.

Kimmy Kimicalz, who has her own YouTube channel, posted about her “journey” of becoming a US Army soldier, despite being 209 lbs and 5 ‘8.

“I have to get under 165 lbs, which will mean I have to lose 45 lbs or more,” she said. “I’ve been concentrating on whether or not I actually want to do this, whether or not I want to join the Army.”

Despite this, she’s determined to join in order to pay off her $40,000+ in student loans, which she accrued attending “one of them fake little private schools that got shut down.”

Other incentives for her enlistment choices included “free health care” and “free dental,” claiming that she used to have braces. She also cites her love of “Call of Duty” as a reason to join.

In addition to her weight issues, Kimmy has past issues with mental illness, to include diagnosis with depression because she used to sit in a dark room at age 14.

Despite her depression, she feels she can handle stress and work well.

Kimmy was conflicted as to whether or not she would lie to her recruiter.

“I was just gonna go in and hide the fact that I had depression,” she said.

In the end, it’s unknown if she ever got into the Army, though she did make weight loss videos and even produced a video involving “coming out” to her parents.

The Army has made considerable exceptions in the past, including drug waivers and waivers for certain mental illnesses, to include self-mutilation, bipolar disorder, depression and alcohol abuse.

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